Shintech SPP3 Harmonic Filter Yard

34.5kV Harmonic Filter Yard

This project involved the construction of a new 34.5kV harmonic filter yard for SPP3 plan. E.P. Breaux Utility Services placed new concrete foundations and supplied and installed a chain-link fence with varmint fence guard and gates, above/below grade grounding system, above/below grade conduit system, precast cable trench, cable tray, MV and LV power/control cables with terminations, static mast, and aggregate material for subgrade/finish grade. Our team also provided third-party testing and commissioning. We installed all owner-furnished material, from steel structures, aluminum bus, and equipment (SF6 breakers, disconnect switches, ground switches, capacitor banks, resistors, reactors, PTs, CTs, and metering panels in control house).

E.P. Breaux Utility Services provided, hauled, and managed material, as well as issued the construction schedule. Our team was responsible for all construction activities along with coordinating with subcontractors.