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Building Foundations to Power Resilient Communities

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As a leader in the industry, E.P. Breaux Utility Services builds the foundations to power everyday life across the communities we serve. We do this by providing superior electrical installations, with expertise in all aspects of utility construction from underground cables to substations. Because we are a small, but growing company, E.P. Breaux Utility Services is nimble in its approach—able to support customers through a variety of services and train its team accordingly.

Main Service Lines

  • Substation Construction

  • Underground Distribution

  • High-Voltage Cable Installation

Our team specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction partnership, as well as new substation construction (AIS & GIS), substation modification and reconfiguration projects, bus pre-fab packages, control-building packages, and underground high-voltage cable installations. We also have VE and design assist capabilities with our skilled AutoCAD draftsman.

Substation Construction

  • Site work
  • Fence installation
  • High-voltage equipment Installation - Switches, Breakers, Circuit Switchers, Power Transformers, Reactors, Wave traps & line tuners, Capacitor Banks, and instrument transformers
  • Below and above grading grounding system
  • Below and above grade conduit systems
  • Cast in place and pre-cast cable trench installation
  • Structural steel erection - All equipment steel including Dead End Towers & Static Mast
  • Elevated Equipment Platform Installation
  • Aluminum Bus Installation and Pre-fab packages
  • Control Cable Installation and Termination
  • Complete Control House Installation - Relay Panels, Batteries & Racks, Cable Tray, AC/DC Panels, SCADA racks, and Lighting System Panels

Underground Distribution and High-Voltage Cable Installation

  • Conduit Installation
  • Equipment Installation — Transformers, Sectionalizers, and Switchgear
  • Cable Installation
  • Cable Terminations
  • Riser Pole Installation - Cross Arms, Cut-Outs, and Arresters
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Manhole and Pull Box installation

Our Customers

Our customers include municipal partners across Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas.

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