SMLD Bayou Chene Phase 5 Shore Power

13.5kV overhead/underground distribution line

This project involved the construction of a new 13.5kV overhead/underground distribution line to provide shore power for flood gate. E.P. Breaux Utility Services constructed 9,000 linear feet of overhead powerline including setting poles, framing poles, and pulling conductor. Our team also constructed 9,000 linear feet of underground high-voltage lines, including directional boring, setting manhole/pull boxes, pulling high-voltage conductor, and splicing/terminating high-voltage cable. Additionally, we installed 700 linear feet of low-voltage conductor including installation of conduit raceway along the walkway over water and flood barge.

E.P. Breaux Utility Services, with assistance from Redstick Power, engineered, procured, and installed all material to provide shore power for flood barge. During this process, E.P. Breaux Utility Services issued a construction schedule and sent monthly and daily reports. E.P. Breaux Utility Services was responsible for all construction activities.